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LHMD Listed Among the Most Notable Businesses Opened In 2016!

Wednesday, January 11, 2017

Insert Taken From Community Impact Newspaper of Fort Bend County

Lice Hunter, MD

What we reported Lice Hunter, MD opened July 22. Dr. Jessica Nelson, who owns the business, offers head checks, treatment sessions and house calls for families afflicted with lice. Nelson also sells her own line of lice treatment products and kits.

Dr. Nelson has spent years helping patients combat contagious skin diseases including head lice, scabies,  athletes foot and shingles.

Memberships are available for $5 per month, which covers unlimited head checks as well as discounts for treatments and products.

Lice Hunter, MD:  An Alternative Solution To A Pesky Problem

Friday, October 21, 2016

Sugarland, TX, 9/20/2016- Dr. Jessica Nelson has been an emergency physician for more than five years and has seen both medical and trauma emergencies, as well as a number of skin and insect related complaints.  Throughout her career as an ER doctor she evaluated numerous patients for head lice.  Dr. Nelson provided families with a prescription for the treatment of head lice, only to discover that upon follow-up, the family’s infestation had not been eradicated.  Frustrated in her inability to help, Jessica began to seek out more viable alternatives.

Jessica’s research led her to the growing industry of Lice Removal and ultimately The Shepherd Institute. Now trained and certified she is able to provide her families with an alternative solution that really works. Opened since July 2016, her company Lice Hunter, MD provides an effective, nontoxic solution to this pesky problem.

Head lice have been around since the beginning of mankind and represent the most prevalent, human parasite infestation in the world. Lice are a major problem in both developed and developing countries.  Data on head lice reveals the following:

  • Estimated 6-12 million infestations occur each year
  • 42 of 50 states within the United States show 100% resistant to over the counter treatments
  • Children ages 3-11 are the most common age group to become infested with head lice
  • Estimated 1 in 100 elementary school children will become infested with head lice
  • 25% prevalence of head lice in elementary schools
  • Head lice infest ALL socioeconomic groups
  • There is no relation between head lice and the level of personal and/or environmental cleanliness
  • Reports have estimated the annual cost of head lice infestations to be upward of $1 billion dollars when you factor in direct and indirect cost 

During her practice of emergency medicine, Dr. Nelson found that a lot of the parent’s frustration stemmed from persistent and/or frequent re-infestations.  Researchers have discovered that persistent infestations are likely secondary to the following:

  • Drug resistance of over the counter and prescription medications (aka “super lice”)
  • Products lack of ovicidal effect
  • Failure to follow treatment protocol
  • Difficulty identifying all lice and nits for proper removal
  • Rapid re-infestations by unknown source

So, how did she fund this new found passion?   Jessica and her family were selected to compete on the Family Feud!  In short, they WON, and made the collective decision to invest their winnings into a much needed lice removal company in her community.  

Lice Hunter, MD is located in Sugar Land, Texas and is open Monday through Saturday from 9am to 6pm.  For more information on the treatment and education of head lice, or to book an appointment, call (281) 201-2470 or visit them online at www.LiceHunterMD.com.

What Treatment Options Are Available to me?

Friday, August 26, 2016 

When searching for lice treatment options there are a number of options to choose from!  The Lice Hunter, MD team wants you to know whats available to you in addition to the risk and benefits associated with every option on the market!  You've got questions?  We've got answers

Who Is Lice Hunter, MD?

Friday, July 15, 2016 

Lice Hunter, MD was founded by Emergency Physician Jessica Nelson, MD.  Dr. Nelson has spent years helping patients combat contagious skin diseases including head lice, scabies, warts, athletes foot, shingles, and molluscum contagiosum just to name a few.  Over the years Dr. Nelson has helped families treat head lice that come into the Emergency room frustrated and misinformed about the symptoms, cause, and risk of transmission of head lice.  After prescribing medications, recommending over the counter treatments, and at home remedies.  Dr. nelson has discovered the key to successful Lice Hunting and is excited to share her treatment with you and your family.

Lice Hunter, MD is a team of skilled lice killing professionals with years of experience and expertise ready to help you!  The combination of our amazing pesticide free, non toxic, eco friendly products with our skilled lice hunting staff offers the ultimate solution to your problem!  WE KILL LICE safely, efficiently, and most importantly QUICKLY!