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Lice Hunter, MD was founded by Emergency Physician Jessica Nelson, MD.  Dr. Nelson has spent years helping patients combat contagious skin diseases including head lice, scabies, warts, athletes foot, shingles, and molluscum contagiosum just to name a few.  Over the years Dr. Nelson has helped families treat head lice that come into the Emergency room frustrated and misinformed about the symptoms, cause, and risk of transmission of head lice.  After prescribing medications, recommending over the counter treatments, and at home remedies, Dr. Nelson has discovered the key to successful Lice Hunting and is excited to share her treatment with you and your family. 

Pesticide free environment

Over the counter treatments that are currently being offered contain formulas that are considered neurocidal to lice however potentially toxic to humans.  Lice Hunter, MD treatment products are nontoxic, pesticide-free, and proven to eliminate lice and their eggs (nits) in just one treatment.  Lice Hunter, MD products use a combination of natural, safe, and active enzymes to remove head lice and nits without the risk associated with pesticide poisons.  Lice Hunter, MD products are safe and made with you and your family in mind and recommended by pediatricians from coast-to-coast!