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First family member - 30.00
Second family member - 25.00
Third family member - 20.00
All subsequent family members - 15.00
If you have a positive screening you will not be charged for the head check. You will only be charged for your treatment fee

Nit & Lice removal First Hour 
(includes follow up rechecks)

Nit & Lice removal Consecutive Hour

Additional fees apply for Sundays, Holidays, Evening appointments, and house calls

Unlimited Head checks
50% off treatments
20% off products (in store)

For a family of five

For a family of ten

House Calls
Please contact our House Call Hotline for house call services: 1 (844) KILL-LICE

Schools & Camps

Please contact us 1 (844) KILL-LICE or email us info@LiceHunterMD.com to schedule an appointment for your students and camp goers.